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The Brockham Bonfire Committe and Bonfire Boys and Girls have completed the 2nd phase of the restoration of the village pump - read all about it here...

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Message from:

Tony Hines, Chairman, Brockham Bonfire Ltd

We need your help !

Your Village, Your Bonfire, Your Opportunity to become involved.

You may be new to Brockham, you may have made Brockham your home some time ago, you may be involved in the bonfire in some way already but we want you to become more involved in this wonderful community event.

What is it?

Bonfire Night in Brockham is the culmination of six weeks bonfire building, planning and preparation for one of the largest Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in the country. We create a safe event for the thousands of people who attend with car parking, catering, the pig roast, the procession, bonfire and fireworks all helping to make it a unique event.

Why do we do it?

The bonfire provides a very important focus for village life but it also raises significant funds for local organisations and good causes. Around £20,000 is given away each year - not bad for an event where we don't charge for admission.

Who is involved?

Time to explain some misconceptions. Legally we operate as Brockham Bonfire Ltd. We have to operate as a business to limit the liability of individuals, we have a board of directors who bring a range of skills to the event but importantly the directors are able to 'share' the legal responsibility for public safety on Bonfire Night and during the build up to the celebrations. Historically, we have been known as the Bonfire Committee, yes, we have elected Officers but the word Committee is misleading, at our meeting just before Bonfire Night our 'Committee' is 100 strong. We have also referred to ourselves as the 'Bonfire Boys and Girls', a fantastic description of our younger volunteers! We are a bunch of people who organise the event and anyone is welcome, adults and mid to late teenagers in particular.

So what can you do?

Anything, is the simple answer. You may not have the time or energy to help on every Saturday or Sunday before the bonfire, but any contribution beforehand and on the day will be welcomed and we have a wide range of tasks that have to be completed.

A particular need for Stewards

To fulfil the requirements of our Public Liability Insurance it is now a requirement to have many stewards available on Bonfire Night. I am sure you will have seen the teams of Stewards on the Village Green and around the Village. They play a vital role on the evening and their experience and dedication is critical to our success. We are constantly on the look out for more Stewards.

We believe that there are a lot of Brockham residents on the Green during the evening who would be keen to help. We give a briefing to all Stewards on the issues of safety, emergency exits, control points and particular hazards and we would provide fluorescent tabards so they could be easily identified in the crowd. You would work as part of a Stewarding Team and be invited to our annual 'table-top' exercise with all the emergency services..

What next?

If you feel that you can make a contribution to the bonfire as a Steward, or in other any other role then we need to hear from you.

Weekly meetings are held every Wednesday at 8.30pm in the Village Hall and everybody is welcome. Alternatively, the first visible sign of Bonfire Night is when we put up the centre pole. Come to the Village Green, whatever the weather, join us for a coffee and meet the team.

Brockham Bonfire is something that everyone living in the village should be proud of and should have some involvement in. The Bonfire also needs new people to get involved to ensure that it continues for future generations. This is your opportunity to get more involved.

I'm also very happy to talk to you on the phone or you can e-mail me

Tony Hines
Chairman, Brockham Bonfire Ltd



The bonfire home page also has links to how you can help, how to prepare for and enjoy the evening, along with articles on What the bonfire means.

Better still, why not visit the Brockham Bonfire dedicated web site ....


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