Anthony West House

Aims of the Association

To provide accommodation for those who have reached sixty years of age and who are able to live independently and to care for their own needs.

The properties are for the use of needy persons wanting such accommodation with priority given, at the discretion of the Association, to people having a connection with Brockham and neighbouring villages in the District of Mole Valley.

Anthony West House is the only site that is run by this small voluntary Housing Association and does not employ any medical or care staff.  There is a tenant with special responsibility in the main building who "keeps an eye" on all residents and is the link between the residents and the Committee.  All new residents are expected to be ambulant and capable of living independently.


A voluntary committee who meet throughout the year manages the Association. There are no paid officers or officials.  A small House Committee supports the residents and provides a duty visitor every month.  This volunteer visits all residents at least once during their duty period and keeps in touch with the tenant with responsibility every week.  They are the first point of contact for the residents.


Although the site has a total of 13 units, one is occupied by the tenant with responsibility who is fit and active, 'keeps an eye' on the residents and acts as Warden.  Their accomodation is on the second floor and would not be suitable for a frail elderly person.

The remaining units compromise:

- five bungalows for two-person occupancy

- four flats for two-person occupancy

- two flats for single person occupancy

- One single person Coach House conversion (like a small bungalow)


The selection of tenants takes acount of the suitability of the applicant's present accomodation, particularly its size, convenience and upkeep; the applicant's need to be nearer to relatives and/or frends who can give support and of the applicant's prospects of finding suitable alternative accomodation elsewhere.

The amount of the applicant's financial resources may be taken into account when assessing suitability for residence.

Where an applicant owns property, or has significant capital, this capital asset will be taken into account but will not necessarily exclude their application.


The Association uses a score sheet to put applicants in priority order before offering a placement.  This selection process takes into account the need for balance between the frailer and more active residents.  Married couples will be eligible for consideration even if one of them is not quite sixty years of age.

Priority points will be awarded in sequence for Brockham, neighbouring villages, Mole Valley and lastly other areas.

The threat of homelessness would justify a higher rating than any other factor.

The final selection of all tenants is the responsibility of the Association.


Mrs Hazel Leitch


01737 843601