Brockham Wheels 4U

Monday - Friday 10am -12noon - 07944 591717

What is Wheels 4U?

This is a voluntary car scheme designed to help Brockham residents who require assistance in getting to and from doctors, hospital and other essential appointments.

Why Wheels 4U? 

We are operating this service because public transport is limited in this area.  For example, the bus service from Brockham does not go to Dorking Hospital, and East Surrey hospital is a difficult journey by bus.

Who can use Wheels 4U?

If you are unable to drive a car or use the bus easily then Wheels 4U can help!

How does it work?

Simply phone 07944 591717. We find a volunteer driver. We phone to tell you which driver will pick you up, take you to your appointment and take you home again.

What does it cost?

Wheels 4U is a non profit making service that exists solely to help the community.

You pay any car park fees and we ask you for a donation towards the cost of your journey.

Some suggested donations for return journeys are:

Brockham surgery £2.00

Dorking hospital £3.50

East Surrey Hospital £6.00

Can I trust the Wheels 4U driver?

Yes you can. All our volunteer drivers have been vetted by the Wheels 4U committee and have had some basic training to give you the best possible service.  They are all volunteers and want to help you.

Am I guaranteed transport?

We will do our best to arrange a driver but we rely on the goodwill of our volunteers and cannot guarantee 100% of the time to meet your requirements.  There may be times when this is not possible.

To use Wheels 4U follow the steps below:

1. Phone 07944 591717 Monday to Friday at least 2 days before you need transport.

2. Have all the details ready. Tell the Duty Officer when you need transport and how long your appointment is likely to be.

3. The Duty Offcier will phone you back later that day to tell you who will be collecting you and at what time.

4 Our driver will give you an envelope to put a donation into, if you wish. Please seal and return the envelope to the driver, who will pass it onto our treasurer.  Our drivers are not allowed to handle money.

Remember we exist to help you.  Feedback is essential so that we can improve our service to you.

We need help too. If anybody woudl like to help us as a volunteer, just phone 07944 591717

Wheels 4U has been supported by individual villagers and the following organisations:

Brockham Good Companions

Brockham Parish Council

Christ Church Brockham Green

The Wednesday Club

Women's Insititute

Surrey Community Action

SCC Community Support Team for Mole Valley

Bradford & Bingley

and especially all those volunteer Duty Officers and Drivers


Weekdays 10 -12 noon


07944 591717