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The Poland Trust Affordable Housing Scheme 

Following the recent consultation held at the Cricket Pavilion, the Poland Trust have now published a doucment outlining the proposal for affordable housing - download a copy:

                       Affordable Housing Scheme proposal

Are you in need, hardship or distress?

You may have heard of the Sidney Michael Poland Trust and you may know that it owns and manages ten units for elderly people at Poland House in Kiln Lane. But did you know that the Trust also manages a fund specifically for residents of Brockham who are in need, hardship or distress? We do not have unlimited funds, but in these difficult economic times, we may be able to help people who are struggling to cope. For example, we might be able to replace a broken washing machine or perhaps fund a training course to help with someone's job prospects. If you would like more information please call Lesley Cruickshank on 843531.

About Sidney Poland

Sidney Poland was an extremely generous benefactor to the residents of Brockham - particularly the village children - in the early part of the last century.

He lived at The Manor, at the western end of Kiln Lane. When he died in 1936 he left significant funds and property for the benefit of the people of the village, which were to be made available after the death of his sister Rosina Poland.

Miss Poland died in the early 1950s allowing this charity to be established by the Charity Commissioners. The Manor was demolished and much of the land fronting onto Kiln Lane leaving land at the eastern end as the site for the new Poland House, built in 1957/58.

With the two additional dwellings added thirty three years later through the generosity of another local resident Hugh Peddell, and two more superb homes built in 2007 at the rear of the site with the assistance of Betchworth United Charities, there are now 10 independent units of accommodation used as accommodation for the elderly and also a flat for the Warden.

The grounds of Mr Poland's house were extensive and had included a boating pond much used by local children, and a small bowling green.

The bowls club which is owned by the Trust but managed through a committee of the Club, was formed in 1951 when the Trust built the pavilion and enlarged the green. A few years ago Trustees made a grant to the Club to modernise the facilities and to add an additional link. The public was given access to the land by the river known as the Old Orchard and to the adjoining woods. In 2001 the Charity Commissioners allowed the Trustees to make grants to help people living in the village who were 'in need, hardship or distress' and when funds permit, make contributions to local organisations.

Poland House

Poland House is set back from the road in Kiln Lane, on high ground overlooking the sports field and the slopes of Box Hill. There are 10 self contained dwellings and a flat for the Warden who plays a supportive role for the residents.

Vacancies are advertised and priority is given to residents of Brockham although accommodation can be allocated to people who live in Betchworth, Buckland or Leigh.

The occupants of the dwellings are not tenants and so they do not pay rent they have to make a regular contribution towards the costs of maintaining Poland House.

Poland House is neither a nursing home nor a residential care home, although every effort is made to support people if they are unwell. If residents are unable to care for themselves and therefore unable to remain in Poland House, the Trustees will help them to secure more suitable accommodation.

Amenity Land

The Trustees have a responsibility for the land along both sides of the path to Betchworth from the footbridge over the Mole as far as Mill Hill Lane. This includes the open space by the river and the woodland to the north of the bridleway. Every effort is made to encourage the public to make use of the Old Orchard where there are seats donated by the Millennium Committee and the grass is regularly cut.

A long-term plan for the woodland is in place under the guidance of a specialist consultant. Sympathetic fencing has been introduced to reduce the impact of car parking, to protect the replanting, and to enhance the safety of those using the path.

The Bowls Club are soon to occupy their new pavilion paid for by the Trust, whilst the Brockham Angling Club is afforded free fishing rights for its members along the north bank of the river.

The Trustees seek the support of Brockham residents in maintaining the area of the Old Orchard and the nearby woodland as a safe and enjoyable amenity for the whole village. There are concerns that considerable damage has been caused to the woods by youngsters building a cycle track, excessive litter, and the lighting of fires. Many of the newly planted trees have been destroyed often in failed attempts to use them sa firewood.  Parents should be aware that in the summer of 2008 known low level drug dealers from out of the area have been seen at the Old Orchard and there has been evidence of "sniffing" from gas canisters.  Also in the summer, both benches were torn from their mounts and placed on top of the pillbox and a fire lit.  The benches were secured but one was taken away and lost. It is hoped that residents will be vigilant and help reduce the impact that these problems will have on the long-term viability of the area as a public open space.   It costs a great deal of money to maintain this public open space and Trustees are nor very pleased to waste charitable monies.

The Poland Fund

The Trustees are able to make grants to people who are 'in need, hardship or distress'. Residents of Brockham will receive priority but it is possible to help the residents of Betchworth, Buckland or Leigh.

As a guide, anyone who is not able to afford the normal things in life, which most people take for granted would probably qualify for help. It may also be possible to make awards that will enable someone to stay in their home when otherwise they might have to move, or help with the costs of a training course or school trip. The provision of essential household equipment such as a washing machine or stove may be possible.

Community Fund

The Charity Commissioners have given Trustees the power to make grants to village organisations involved in "charitable purpose".



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The Warden may be contacted at:
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