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This charity exists to save lives at sea.  Why are so many people who live over 30 miles from the sea so supportive?

I am sure that I am not alone in believing that volunteering is an important way of British life.  The crews who risk their lives at sea rescuing both pleasure and prefessional seafarers are unpaid volunteers.  I believe that they deserve the best, reliable and most modern equipment that money can buy.

In Brockham and Strood Green the annual house-to-house collection has always been generously supported by the residents thanks to the efforts of the team of volunteers who knock on doors for the Instistution.

Unfortunately there are roads that are not included due to a shortage of collectors - so if you would like to support this worthy organisation, please contact the local organiser.

A very comprehensive website gives full information and lots of interesting facts about the the national organisation at www.rnli.org.uk

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