Brockham Bonfire

The following bonfire photos are by Syd Huggett unless stated otherwise.

This is an account in pictures of the building, of probably the best organised and well constructed Bonfire in the country. 

The Village Bonfire celebration has been been going on for a very long time and is a focal point of the year.  It brings together young and old, all doing their bit to make the event a success.  On the day, the afternoon starts with a children's fancy dress parade with their wonderful display of costumes.  In the evening the torchlight procession sets off around the streets, headed by the Guy, followed by a band and the torch bearers. On reaching the village green the Guy is taken to the top of the bonfire, the torches are held back until every one is clear, they are then allowed to circle the fire and at a given command they place the flaming torches into the base of the bonfire - a wonderful sight. This is followed by a superb display of fireworks, discribed by an Australian visitor as being better than at the Sydney Harbour Bridge at New Year.  All during the day the two-tailed pig is slowly roasted over an open fire.  At the end of the evening it is carved and auctioned.  Whether wet or dry eveyone has a wonderful time and thousands of pounds are raised for local charities. 

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