Aircraft Noise - Deadline 5 January

5 January 2014

There is now a deadline of 5 January 2015 for the CAA review of the impact of aircraft noise over the local area. Even if you have written or emailed before, you need to do so again because some of the correspondence addresses have changed and the CAA can't confirm they will consider previous emails/letters.

Take action now:

Step 1 - write/email Mark Swan at the CAA and copy to the Department for Transport and Sir Paul Beresford (see addresses below)

Step 2 - sign petition on  Plane Wrong website -

Step 3 - complain to Gatwick Airport about specific flights that cause an unacceptable level of distrubance

Due to the strength of protest and opposition, Gatwick have now cancelled some of the propsed new flight paths, but not all of them, and crucially NOT the one over Brockham - pressure must be maintained on Gatwick airport and the CAA so please email and write to make your voice heard using the links below. ALthough the current noise levels are lower than they were in the summer, that is because Gatwick are now operating the winter timetable and the number of flights is therefore considerably lower. If we don't complain, noise levels and get these routes changes, noise levels will revert in the Spring to the same level as they have been during this year.

Gatwick is currently analysing phase 2 consultation responses so additional local support at this stage is crucial.

Our local MP, Sir Paul Beresford has asked for community support as follows:

"It would be very helpful if you would personally write to the CAA. Please succinctly explain the effect of the noise pollution and ask that the flight path be returned to previous. The name and address of the CAA contact is Mr Mark Swan, Director of Airspace Policy, External Information Services, Civil Aviation Authority, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex RH6 0YRor email

Please also copy your letter to the Department for Transport, UK Airspace Policy, Department for Transport, Zone 1/26, Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR or email:

And please send a copy to Sir Paul Beresford (House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA) or

To complain directly to Gatwick Airport:

Contact them by phone on 0800 393 070 (give them specific details about time/frequency etc)

Contact them by email:

Some useful sources of help:

Click h ere for Flight Tracker24 (or just Google "Flight Tracker")

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) :

Gatwick Obviously Not campaign :

There is a new website : - please sign their petition; leaflets will be distributed by Plane Wrong to houses in Brockham

To make complaints about aircraft noise from Heathrow use this link

Contact Department for Transport and transport agencies see below.


Useful Tips on how to complain:

Please find below some useful tips on how you should complain - this information has been provided by one of our readers who has been campaigning agianst the aircraft noise:

1. Noise complaints need to be sent to the dedicated email address NOT via the automated Gatwick Enquiry link. Please use email address for all complaints.

2. When you hear unacceptable amount of aircraft noise, please complain IMMEDIATELY and as often as the noise reaches unacceptable levels. Do not wait and collate complaints and do not try to be tolerable when the noise is too loud. Belated complaints may be registered but cannot be addressed at the time of complaint.

3. If at all possible, please use your mobile etc to video the intrusive noise and include it along with your complaint. Real evidence is much harder to refute than non-quantifiable facts. Please keep these files for now. Please also include any concrete details of disruption caused such as windows shaking, disruption to sleep or normal conversation, or any other detrimental effects you have observed.


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