Bonfire Report 2015

22 December 2015

With the turf re-laid on Brockham Green and most of our equipment back in storage, the 2015 'very successful Bonfire Night' is drawing to a close. We are delighted to have over £20,000 to donate to local societies, worthy causes and charities and most of these will all have been made by Christmas.

Looking back at the Parish News report written the day after bonfire night, the excitement and contentment has not diminished. I would like to highlight some milestones from this year's celebrations. Firstly, the pig roast and auction. Derek Chitty, our auctioneer, managed to raise a truly record-breaking £1,800 for joints of roast pork. Cooked during the day by Charlie Goodship and his helpers, butchered by Reg and his team from Chitty's, Derek managed to hold the audience spellbound, selling multiple legs of pork (six I believe), joints and bags of crackling. This 85 year old tradition goes from strength to strength.

The Guy team, led by Mark Harding, did another magnificent job and the team who escorted the Guy to the top of the fire were all rewarded for their hard work throughout the bonfire period. The 'Presidents Trophy' introduced over twenty years ago to mark exceptional bonfire service was awarded to Spencer King. He joins an amazing list of Bonfire Boys and Girls who have held the trophy for twelve months.

Our catering stalls had an exceptional year. The Royal Oak stall won the award for 'Banging Out the Most Burgers' but it was the closest it has ever been. Not only did the stalls cook and sell over seven thousand items, a team of volunteers from Brockham Church sliced the bread rolls ready to receive their bacon, sausages or burgers. We thank them and all our catering volunteers.

The Residents Passes is another activity that quietly runs behind the scenes; Virginia Rogers managed to issue over 120 passes and 20 disabled parking permits and all this whilst home and working abroad. The wonders of computing - thank you Virginia for running this so smoothly.

Finally, a mention for the team of Bonfire Boys who are 'off Green', especially on the A25 and running car parks. They did a sterling job with all our other volunteers, including a large team from Betchworth Church managing road closure points and shaking buckets. At the end of the firework display, we had 15 buses on the A25 ready to take revellers back to Dorking and Reigate. Our thanks to the bus company for their cooperation and for the donation they have made to our funds.

One more very big thank you to the village for only giving us 'green' bonfire building material. I hope you all noticed how much easier it made collecting material and we did not see the unsightly heaps of timber, kitchen units, fences, sheds and junk. We got enjoyment back into collecting around the village.

I hope this has given you further insights of a small selection of the many Bonfire Night activities that contribute towards a successful evening.

The 2016 Bonfire is on Saturday 5th November.

Tony Hines



It was the perfect evening for bonfire night - clear starlit skies and not a breath of wind - the bonfire burned perfectly with a vertical plume of smoke and when the fireworks began, we were treated to an amazing display which got better and better, with a spectacular finale!

Pictures can't do the display justice, but here are just a few.

And if you enjoyed the evening and would like to contribute financially to help support this great event and ensure next year is just as good, please visit the donations page on the Brockham Bonfire website After the expenses are covered, the Bonfire Committee generously support numerous local charities, so if you are able to contribute, your donation will be very greatly appreciated.

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