Dorking Rugby Club Car Park

17 October 2014

Dorking Rugby Club are going to have some gates erected at the car park which will hopefully stop the night time antics of some people in their cars leaving rubbish etc. A pair of gates will go up by the main front door entrance to the club house where it narrows down and rises to the rear car park. This should reduce the noise you get late at night from this area when everyone has gone home.

They are also going to place a pair of gates from the main car park onto the small lane which leads down to the pitches and protects the same. Some errant people have taken to driving their cars over the pitches and with all this rain could destroy them so early in the season.

The other thing they are going to do is have the front/main car park refurbished in that we are going to lay a proper tarmac type finish rather than the current loose shingle/metal finish.

This should have an enormous benefit to the Pavilion. The gates are to commence week starting the 27th October and the car park in early November. The car park will be completed in two halves so there will still be access to the Club House.


Sat 6


Sun 7


Mon 8