Village Hall Club and Hall

26 June 2017

To comply with Charity Commission regulations, the Brockham Village Hall and the Brockham Village Club are required to operate as two separate organisations. The legal process is now underway to formalise the separation of the two organisations.

The Brockham Village Hall is a charity which was established in 1921 to provide the community with a venue for meetings, activities, events, and clubs. New Trustees have been appointed and are responsible for the management of all of the Hall’s buildings and rooms and are committed to developing their usage in a way that benefits all members of the community. The Village Hall is protected under charity law as a ‘community asset’, to be used for the community’s benefit. 

The Brockham Village Club is a tenant of the Hall and its committee is working actively with the Brockham Village Hall Trustees during this transition period. The Brockham Village Club is community-run and has in recent years taken on the task of maintaining the Hall. This will now be the responsibility of the Brockham Village Hall Trustees who have the full cooperation and support of the Brockham Village Club Committee to ensure the best possible future for the building as a community facility.

Brockham is extremely lucky to have benefited from the generosity of Mr Whitelaw, who donated the land to the village for the purpose of a Community Hall. We have a wonderful and flexible space for parties, functions, weddings, and all types of community club events, rehearsals, performances and classes. Both the Brockham Village Hall Trustees and the Brockham Village Club Committee believe that there is much greater potential for community usage of all the rooms in the building, and that this is the time to take a new approach.

Community consultation

Over the coming months we will be undertaking a period of community consultation, to learn what activities people think might need a home in the Hall, what the community would like to see happening to their largest community space and what needs and services the Hall could fulfil.

The Hall exists for the community and needs the support of the community, so all ideas are welcome. We will be using surveys and meetings as we start our consultation but in the meantime, if you have ideas you would like to share or want to find out about making a booking please contact us at

Samantha Rider

Charity Consultant

Institute of Fundraising Tutor

Associate Lecturer Chichester University


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