The Shop at Strood Green

3 November 2015



Your local shop needs your support. The Rural Oscars are a chance for local people to recognise their local shop and support those people who go the extra mile to provide a service to the community. To register your support you need to pop into the shop and fill out a simple form to state why the shop is important to you; it needs to be completed before 2nd November.


Important news - we have a new excellent cake provider, Katy. Please come in and experience her brilliant fare. The shop has also introduced some new product lines. In addition, the Christmas stock will be arriving soon and as always there will be something for everyone.


As we approach fireworks night if you require any additional bakery requirements, rolls, baguettes etc, please pop into the shop and place your order - the shop will be closing at 4pm on the 7th November.


To help the shop provide Internet access for its customers, do you have a spare computer which could be used in the shop? If you have, please contact the shop manager, Christine on 843965.


The shop is always looking for people to help at the shop out as volunteers - if you feel you can assist, please come into the shop and talk to Christine.


Chris Lambert, Chairman


Mon 12


Tue 13


Wed 14