Covid 19 Information


In March 2020, Brockham Parish Council convened the Brockham Covid-19 Strategy Group.  

This team includes representatives of local community groups, and continues to meet regularly to provide support and oversight in these challenging times.


The strategy group's purpose is to streamline and maximise support for residents in times of need.  The aims are as follows: -

  • Monitoring advice from the government and trusted national and local sources.
  • Reminding our local community about the impacts of this advice.
  • Overseeing/suggesting/implementing (as appropriate) local measures such as shop queue spacers.
  • Supporting each other in decision-making, especially around events, volunteering and liability/insurance/risk assessment issues.
  • Reassuring our community that local groups are working together and looking out for them.
  • Communicating to the community and beyond to avoid gaps, overlaps and inconsistencies.


Did you know there are various organisations and charities who are available to provide support?

If you or you know someone who needs help with support ranging from wellbeing to financial or just someone to talk to please contact and we can either help or give you advice on who to contact.


Some useful links are included below: -

Surrey Welfare Rights Unit -


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