Flood Forum meeting May 2015

Here is an update from the last meeting of the Brockham and Strood Green Flood Forum detailing actions that have been taken.

Atkins, on behalf of Surrey County Council  (SCC) are undertaking a survey of the area to ascertain where the surface water comes from, among other aspects.

Tweed Lane/Middle Street culverts - repairs have yet to be undertaken by Thames Water but culverts have been cleared by a jetter.

Pipes, as an alternative to ditches in certain places were discussed but the Environment Agency`s  (EA)policy is to use pipes only as a last resort. SCC have a procedure whereby consent has to be given if the site is already classified as a ditch.

Blind Lane and Noyes End- work has been done on this site but gardens and houses are still flooding. Historically there was a pond in the field behind which has silted up and the land now used for grazing. The EA is to liaise with the Hamilton Estate to remedy issues.

Wheeler`s Lane- the SCC jetter machine had been on site for 4 days to clear the blockage under the road but there is still more work to do. Part of the problem is that the pipe is not straight and has several bends. If money was available, this pipe should be straightened and thereby avoid future " clogging up ". Once further investigation had been undertaken it might be possible to obtain funding from DEFRA.

Designs for an experimental grill are being finalised and more information should be available at the next meeting.

Tanners Brook has been scavenged by the EA and the BERT team has dug out drains and it seems to have improved the dispersal of water at the triangle at the junction of Old School Lane and the coach road.

The pipe from Kiln Lane to the rugby club is still on the jetting list as there is still a restriction in it.

Although work carried out by residents and BERT teams on the ditch behind Oakdene Close appears to have been successful there may be an alternative long term solution that EA and SCC will investigate.

Bob Thomas provided a detailed update of all the work undertaken by BERT and BEV which has relieved flooding problems around the village.

Ditch monitoring- while the parish council has responsibility for ditches and hedges, all residents are asked to report if anything is seen which needs attention.

Critical Drainage Area - a plan has to be worked out between EA, SCC and MVDC.

While much short term work has been done attention needs to be focused on medium term strategies.

The next meeting is in June.

Helyn Clack


Fri 5


Sat 6


Sun 7