Latest Parish Council Notes


At the time of writing these notes, the decision regarding the housing
development at Tanners` Meadow has been made. Despite strong arguments
against the scheme from our local district councillors and two parish councillors,
one representing Tanners` Meadow Action Group, it was approved. All the
arguments against were due to the flooding issues.

However, we are pleased to know that the developer and the drainage experts
have sorted out any flooding problems that have concerned us. Once the new
houses are built and the attenuation ponds installed, new residents and those
living in surrounding properties and elsewhere in the village will be comfortable
in the knowledge that floods will be a thing of the past… The opinions of those
who have lived all their lives in Brockham and have experience of such things
counted for nothing.

We were pleased to receive a visit from our local PCSO, Dave Sadler who was
able to come to our meeting and give an update on crime and incidents in the
Brockham area. Among the issues raised were the parking problem outside North
Downs school. Those who disregard the requests to be more considerate when
bringing their children to school and collecting them should be aware that he will
continue to make random visits.

There were seven crimes which included two for insurance type fraud and one
bank card. There were eight incidents including two for rowdy/inconsiderate
behaviour and two suspicious circumstances.

Brockham Oil Watch, (BOW) confirmed that there had been some changes in the
top management of Angus Energy but it was uncertain if that would have any
effect on the Brockham site. Currently oil production has been stopped as the
drilling has encountered water. It was also pointed out that the people monitoring
the site have nothing whatever to do with BOW.

Following the success of our trial entrance into the S and SE in Bloom last year,
we will be entering again. Further details will follow but there may be some
incentives for residents whose front gardens will be on display when the judge
visits the village.

In conjunction with BERT, we are looking to carry out some work on the ditch
running alongside Middle Street and round the back of the recreation ground car
park. The result should be the reduction of flooding risk to the houses opposite
and some extra spaces for car parking outside the pavilion.

There has been a preliminary discussion about the road calming measures that
have been suggested in the report from 2020 Consultancy. We will be asking
them to come back to another meeting to clarify aspects and answer a few more
questions and if possible, provide some more detailed costings. We expect to be
able to offer some proposals for public thoughts after this.

Finally, we have been told by the Hamilton Estate that they are going to install a
new fence on the boundary between Court Lodge Farm and the estate( by the
kissing gate). The current one is regularly being damaged by walkers. Once in
place, anyone caught attempting to do the same to this one will be charged with
criminal damage and will be subject to the due process of the law.

Roger Hammond


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