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Did you know the village website is paid for and managed by the Parish Council? Volunteers Gordon and David help make it happen and we need more input so that all the organisations in the village can feed into one place. This should make it easier to find a group or item. We are tidying up the landing page and our clerk will be in touch with each linked site to ensure all activities are kept up to date. Anyone advertising will also get noticed more and the money raised from this will be going to community projects.

We really need a better way to update you all on what we do on the Parish Council and the projects we work on so we will be changing the Parish Council pages on the website. If anyone has an urge to provide input over the redesign, please email

Thank you to residents for a great community response to our request for help with two of our major projects, Rewilding and Traffic calming.

Rewilding: A working group has been set up to map out areas we can rewild across the village. This will be publicised soon so you are involved and consulted with each area we reseed. Any verges left to rewild will still be managed and cut, but at appropriate times. Ideas around community orchards and wildflower beds are in progress. Many areas will need to be prepared and spring will be the best time. However, some areas are perfect now and where we can we are taking rewilding forward. Residents of The Borough joined the Parish Council working group to seed the area by the bridge with British wildflower seeds. See if you can spot them next year! Thank you to a local resident who pointed out a plant that looks similar to Japanese knotweed: the Environmental Agency have been informed and will check it out.

Picture: Chairman old and new on a Parish Council project with Paul Ritchie; Laura and Clive Marrett were also helping as Borough Wildlife Champions!  

TRUST: Traffic Reduction Unified Safety Taskforce has begun. Councillors Jerry Hamilton, Gill Venables and Liz Knight are each taking a group (Brockham Lane, Middle Street, Strood Green) to analyse options for traffic calming in more detail as well as considering holistic measures to improve our traffic. Our goal is to review the groups’ recommendations in November in time to go to Surrey Highways for the next steps and funding options. We will keep you updated and hope to provide more information on our website.


Council Clinic: Laura Mann will be clerk in residence at the Village Hall Meeting Room on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. It provides an opportunity for residents to drop by and say hello or discuss an important matter. I will also hold a Chairman’s clinic on Tuesdays from 11am to 12 noon and would welcome anyone who would like to talk about what we do on the Parish Council.


Speedwatch: By the time you read this, Councillor Gary Evans will be leading a Speedwatch team in the village. Leigh Parish Council Speedwatch group are providing vital help to get this off the ground. Again, a big thank you to local residents for giving up their time for this. Please acknowledge the individuals who are doing this as you start to see them around the village. 


As previously reported earlier this year, Brockham Parish Council and North Downs Primary School worked together to jointly produce a parking flier. Councillor Gill Venables acted as conduit to create this flier, which aims to empower those parents and residents who are frustrated by persistent inconsiderate parking around The Smithers and the north end of Wheelers Lane, during peak times. The flier reinforces the message about unacceptable parking and dropping off, referring to extracts from the Highway Code in order to encourage safer, more considerate parking practices.

The fliers have been offered to those who live very close to the school, and a stock is also kept in the school office, should anyone need to pop in to pick one up. A message has been published in the school newsletter, to refresh everyone on the need for considerate parking, especially as a new academic year begins. Contact Gill at for more information. 

Finally, look out for the War Memorial having a facial. Councillor Bill Songhurst has organised a steam clean to ensure the War Memorial is properly maintained and looks its best for this year’s Remembrance Sunday on 10th November.

Don’t forget we meet on the first Monday of each month in the Recreation Pavilion. Come and join us, tea and coffee is available from 7pm, and the meeting starts at 7.30pm. Agendas are on the noticeboard at the Surgery and the Village Store. If you have an item you wish to raise, please give the clerk sufficient notice so we can plan it into our schedule (


Karen Gargani, Chairman, Brockham Parish Council


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