Latest Parish Council Notes


Congratulations, once again, to everyone who was involved with this year`s
Brockham bonfire. If it is possible it and the firework display seem to get better
every year. Fortunately their efforts are rewarded by the large crowds that attend
and contribute financially to the benefit of the local groups and charities.
Unfortunately, the once a year visitors do not see the weeks of preparation and
the months of planning. If they did they might even contribute more ..

We welcomed our new parish councillor, Bruce Farmer to his first meeting. He
has replaced John Washtell who has stepped down after many years of service.
I would like to thank John for his contributions as a parish councillor including
working on and providing the parish council risk assessment, supplying his
mathematical mind to and hosting our annual budget meeting which has become
a more difficult job each year. He digested and provided the flood forum with the
details of the Atkins report into flooding in the area. In addition, he has been a
district councillor and was the main speaker and presenter for the Tanners
Meadow Action Group at the planning appeal by Persimmon Homes when we had
been so badly let down by Mole Valley District Council(MVDC).He is also
prominent in the latest planning application from Charles Church ( a subsidiary of
Persimmon ) to develop the site.

The monthly police report listed 8 crimes: 1 residential burglary, 3 public order
offences ( 2 were abusive cold callers ), 3 thefts from motor vehicles and 1
vehicle interference.. There were also 14 incidents.

Three parish councillors were invited to meet the consultant working with Angus
Energy to give us an update on the developments on the site.This also gave us an
opportunity to ask some pertinent questions. They are planning to carry out a ` workover` of well BRX4Z. They have permission to install a 95 foot rig but consider that a 55 foot one will do the work which will put in tubing for testing. This is due to start at about the end of the month and probably last for about four weeks. Other plant and equipment will be brought in. There could be some emergency flaring off but this will be contained in some shrouding that will also be installed. This was in the planning application and approved by Surrey County Council ( SCC). Angus Energy must notify SCC and surrounding residents 7 days before the workover takes place. A leaflet will be delivered to Old School Lane and other roads close to the site. Answers to some of the questions included the following : a lot of the gas produced will be used to generate electricity on the site. Excess will be connected to the grid once a cable is in position and some released as emergency flare off. All water generated from the Brockham site will be re injected and none sent off site. There will definitely not be any fracking on this site. After the appraisal of the well is completed, Angus Energy will invite SCC, MVD representatives, Health and Safety and the parish council to a meeting where their engineers will give a presentation and explanation.This will be approximately 6 months after the appraisal has been completed. The indication was that it could be around March or April. We have asked that at that time a liaison committee should be set up to monitor events over the following months and we will also be requesting that Brockham Oil Watch should have representation.

Our budget meeting was held to discuss our precept for 2019/2020. As already
mentioned this is becoming more difficult every year as we have to think about
services that county and district councils can no longer afford to undertake. Do
we need them, if so, can we take them on ? A possible large cost could be traffic
calming measures once we have received the report from 2020 Consultancy.
One area that we might have to maintain in the future is the green at Strood Green
where SCC seem to have given up and relied on a few volunteers to keep it in a
reasonable condition.

For the benefit of those who do not subscribe to the email letters from BERT , on
the advice of the person who is the consultant on the pond improvement, an
application was submitted to cut down and remove the maple tree at the north
end of the pond. This was to try to partly restore it as it was when carters used it
to tighten the wooden wheels on the carts. However, the planning application has
been withdrawn as a result of the number of local protests and an indication that
MVDC might not give approval either.

We are delighted to confirm that the defibrillator has now been installed in the
telephone box outside Brockham Village stores. By the time that these notes are
read there will have been an official opening followed by a community training
session. There is a key entry system to the box and the code is given when 999 is
called in an emergency. For more information on this please email Karen Gargani.
She is also trying to revive the Brockham Youth Council, together with the youth
cafe which was a successful part of it. Unfortunately this closed when the village hall shut down for refurbishing and attempts to return to the venue have been unsuccessful so far. She is looking for volunteers who may be able to help or offer suggestions for either or both. Her email for all three of the above is

One of the items discussed at the budget meeting was the allotments in Wheelers
lane and Middle Street. Mainly they have been self financing for many years but
some extra expenditure and vacant plots during the past year means that they
are running at a loss. It is our intention to double the subscription for next year
and look at revamping the allotment rules before the meeting in April. Comparing
these rates with those of other local councils, users will still be obtaining a

Full details will follow from other sources, but Carols on the Green will once
again take place in the church garden on Friday December 21st.
As usual carols on Christmas Corner will be between 7.00pm and 8.00pm on
Christmas Eve.This is at the junction of Kiln Lane and Brockham Lane.
Representatives of all local charities - and sometimes not so local - are invited to
come along and sing carols for an hour. The reward is a donation for their
respective charities as bequeathed by Sidney Michael Poland from one of his.

Roger Hammond


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