Latest Parish Council Notes


At the time of writing this, because of the local elections, the next parish council
and annual general meeting will not take place until May 15th which means that
any notes from it will be too late for the magazine. So, this is just a brief update.
For the first time for over 25 years, there has been an election held for the parish
council. 10 candidates were put forward for the 9 places. Unlike the elections for
district councillors, those for the parish council did not have the time or financial
support to send out leaflets explaining who they were and why they were
standing for election or even canvass. Despite that, however, there is a cost
incurred in the administration and counting which is likely to be somewhere
between £3000 and £ 6000.

At our annual parish meeting, Tony Hines gave a fascinating talk on some of the
hidden history of Brockham. He showed slides of documents and maps of
Brockham, including one from the 17th century. Updates on the activities of
several local organisations were given by their representatives. One, from Simon
Long was for the scouts and guides. He said that the bus was in the advanced
state of repair as a result of donations and pledges from many people and
organisations. They were still about £4000 short. If anyone would still like to
contribute please contact Simon or anyone involved the scouts and guides. The
bus is a community asset and used by other village organisations as well.

This is my last contribution for the magazine on behalf of the parish council,
having served on it for 28 years. I believe that the new council, with its
combination of experience and new, younger blood will be a vibrant group and be
able to deal with the all the upcoming questions and problems to the benefit of
Brockham and Strood Green.

I should like to take the opportunity to thank all those who, over the years, have
served with me. There are too many of you to name here but you know who you
are. I will mention Rosemary Buckle, who stood down at the same time as me and
whom I omitted in my report at the annual parish meeting and thank her for her
contribution during her 8 years on the council.

Finally, I also thank my wife, Pam, who has put up with my private rants after
various meetings and my boring repetitions of some of the events over the years.
She has had to put up with the occasional obnoxious telephone call when I have been out. She has also been a wonderful caterer at the end of year entertaining of the parish council at Hammond Towers.

Roger Hammond


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