Personal Recollections

As a "True Badger", a native of our Hamlet of the Brock, I consider it a privilege to have been asked to present a word of introduction to our village, as a prelude to this new Web Site.  We are indeed fortunate to live in the village of Brockham, nestling at the foot of the North Downs, close enough to enjoy all the modern facilities for travel, and yet remote enough to be surrounded by the glorious countryside of the heart of mid-Surrey.

People, who are new to Brockham, will find much to admire in its picturesque situation; lots of interest in its various organisations and especially the annual events, which take place in the colourful setting of our Village Green.  As an octogenarian and a descendant from a maternal family certainly recorded in the locality since 1561, I offer you a very warm welcome to the new Web Site.  May you find much to interest you in the history, photographs and various articles, to enable you to enjoy all the amenities of our wonderful village, both past and present.

But always remember, Brockham must be treated with respect in every way, so that generations who follow us will find it much as you have found it, beautiful, and still truly English.

Alex Street.
September 2008

Alex sadly passed away on 19 January 2013. He was a great source of inspiration and knowledge for the history section of the website and made an invaluable contribution to the launch of the new Brockham history website in June 2012. Having lived in the village all of his life, Alex contributed a wealth of information about people and events, and was very talented in articulating these memories for others to enjoy. His memory will live on in the work and material he so enjoyed creating for the website, such as his fascinating piece about The Borough. Please follow this link for a full tribute written by Bob Statham.

The Borough by Alex Street

Victorian Fair - Letter from Reuben and Lesley Bond

Brockham Green and it's Inhabitants in the 1930's by Len Jordan

My Childhood in Brockham Green - War Year Memories by Tony Strudwick

A copy of a letter written to an unknown person, c.1922; by Major J. W. Humphrey of Glenthorne, Brighton Road, Horley, Surrey; who was born in Brockham in 1846.

A copy of a letter written about Way House by S K Hayward who worked there with Miss Sherlock

My Memories of Brockham by Nora Mortimer

Memories of Village Green Cricket by Dave Glanfield