Peter Stokes - Evacuee from WW2

My Dad, Peter Stokes was evacuated to Brockham during WW2 with his School from South London when he  was 11 years old and has very fond memories of his time there. I am organising a visit to Brockham towards the end of this month (October 2013) to coincide with his birthday. I am wondering if there are any elders associated with Brockham at that time that would be willing to meet for lunch to talk about the war years in Brockham.

Please let me know if anyone would be available to meet up - Jane Stokes -

Companionship Wanted

My mother is an intelligent, very sociable lady in her 90's who lives in Brockham. Are you perhaps in a similar situation and would like company and perhaps a short walk, cuppa and a chat to fill in those long afternoons?! If you are interested, please call 07899 088438.

Property Wanted

Wanted - one or two bedroom property to rent in Dorking (where we both work) or the surrounding areas for one adult and a 17 year old. Please contact


People seem to believe that parking with two wheels on the pavement makes their car less of an obstruction. However parking with two wheels on the pavement causes problems for pedestrians particularly the blind those who are in wheel chairs or parents who are pushing baby buggies or walking with a child in hand I have lost count of the times I have seen pedestrians etc. take a detour in to the road as the pathway is blocked by a car that has been parked inconsiderately. It could be argued that in fact if a car is parked fully on the road it helps to slow car drivers down a little which can only be a good thing. I have no idea if there is any legal precedent that covers this and I am sure that the police have enough to do but I feel some sort of effort needs to be made to sort this situation.

There are currently vacancies for part-time paid staff at The Shop at Strood Green.
Please ring 01737 843965 or call in at the shop for an application form.
Did anyone know the Hodgsons?

Looking for people who knew my Grandparents.Percy Hodgson owned a Butchers shop at the top of Brockham Lane on corner of main road.House called South Down,now a restuarant.Edith was Grandmother,my Mum was Muriel,also Uncle Ralph.

Mum was married in Brockham church 1940's???Grandad frequented the Barley Mow. I Believe he had his butchers shop built approx 1927,so they were in the area for many years till 50's.Grandad first had Butchers shop in Betchworth on the old Reigate road,but moved to new one because new Reigate rd was being built. Mum attended Brockham school,but was always up Box Hill. Mum knew  the Chittys butchers.


Photos are Hodgsons and Bretts and Rixons in garden of butchers shop.They were very sociable family.

Would love to hear from anyone who knew of them....Thank,

Police Alerts for Brockham area

Please click here to find out about the latest details of crimes in and around Brockham and Mole Valley. If you see anything supsicious or are able to able to help with information about any of these crimes, please contact:

PC Dom Loraine  on 0845 125 2222

Click here to find out more about local contact numbers for Surrey Police.

Help Available from Poland Trust

Are you in need, hardship or distress?

You may have heard of the Sidney Michael Poland Trust and you may know that it owns and manages ten units for elderly people at Poland House in Kiln Lane. But did you know that the Trust also manages a fund specifically for residents of Brockham who are in need, hardship or distress? We do not have unlimited funds, but in these difficult economic times, we may be able to help people who are struggling to cope. For example, we might be able to replace a broken washing machine or perhaps fund a training course to help with someone's job prospects. If you would like more information please call Lesley Cruickshank on 843531.