Parish Council

The Brockham Parish Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the Recreation Pavilion, with Public time from 8.30pm. All are welcome to attend the meeting and the floor is open to the general public for questions and discussion for the second part of the meeting.

The Parish Council deal with a variety of matters affecting day to day life in Brockham, from reviewing current planning applications to organising essential maintenance work and planning for the future.

For the Minutes of the last meeting and Agenda for the next meeting, follow this link:

Minutes for last Parish Council Meeting

Agenda for next Parish Council Meeting

Notes from last Parish Council meeting

Essential Information about the Parish Council


Re-elected Parish Councillors 2015

Notes from Brockham Flood Forum Meeting May 2015

Notes from Skatepark Meeting 13 November

Notes from Brockham Big Field Meeting July 2014

Additional notes about Emergency Arrangements

In 2007, a Parish Plan was prepared for the village by the Brockham Parish Plan Steering Group  - view a full copy of the Parish Plan here.

To view details of Planning Applications on  the Mole Valley Planning database or to search for an application, follow this link .

Should you wish to contact one of the Parish Council members, please use the contact details provided to the right hand side of this page.




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